Professional carpet cleaning in Fleet & surrounding areas.


Have your carpets cleaned by one of Fleets best professional carpet & upholstery cleaning companies.


Fleet and the surrounding areas including Hook & Hartley Whitney have been enjoying our outstanding carpet cleaning results with a 30-minute dry time, and under an hour dry time using Hot Water Extraction. (Steam Cleaning) Keep reading to find out how.


How Quickly will Your Carpets Dry?


We use a range of Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning Methods The carpets dry time will depend on the method used, we always make sure to use the correct cleaning method for your carpet type.


We have a carpet dry time of:


• Under an hour using hot water extraction (steam cleaning)
• Within 30 minutes using our low moisture process
• Under an hour using our combination cleaning method
• One – two hours using our restorative cleaning method.


Carpet Cleaning Fleet – What are the benefits of booking SS Carpet Cleaning?


We have built a fantastic reputation within Fleet, Hartley Whitney & Hook through polite professionalism, beautiful carpet cleaning results and outstanding carpet dry times.


The carpet cleaning methods and systems we’re able to offer have been tested, in the field, and selected because they practically work. They give us the unique ability to adapt and not be limited to just hot water extraction, although a fantastic carpet cleaning method.


We believe in quality of work and have made sure we’ve prepared to deliver the best possible cleaning result for your carpet type and construction by investing in multiple carpet cleaning methods delivered through advanced cleaning machinery and systems.


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What areas do SS Carpet Cleaning Cover?


SS carpet cleaning offer carpet cleaning services within Fleet, Hartley Whitney & Hook. We can, however, travel further to Farnborough, Camberley and the surrounding areas.


If you live further out then these areas please give us a call.


What are the Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods we use?


We use the Texatherm System, this system allows to adapt to a variety of different carpet cleaning methods, including hot water extraction (Steam Cleaning), Low moisture carpet cleaning, combination carpet cleaning & restorative carpet cleaning. No matter the carpet type we have a cleaning method.


Learn about the Cleaning Method’s, that set us apart, below.


Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning)


Hot water extraction, also known as Steam Cleaning, is a great carpet cleaning method, especially for heavily stained carpets. We can all let our carpets build up with dirt from time to time, and there’s no shame in that, especially in today’s busy world.


Hot water extractions combination of heat, airflow power and the correct cleaning solution for the type of dirt, means this cleaning method is fantastic at releasing the dirt from the carpet fibre, even if the dirt’s trapped.


Our EMV Professional Carpet Cleaning Machine allows us to deliver very quick carpet drying times. On average, the carpets we hot water extraction clean are dry in under an hour.


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Low Moisture Cleaning


This carpet cleaning method has a list of benefits, our low moisture carpet cleaning process works through unique cleaning chemistry, heat and specific agitation.


Here are the benefits


• Leaves carpets dry within 30 minutes
• Leaves no sticky, re-soiling residues
• Guaranteed not to shrink, stretch or split seems
• Environmentally friendly
• Safe to use on wool
• Very Low noise levels


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Combination Cleaning


This carpet cleaning method uses the unique cleaning chemistry of our low moisture process combined with hot water extraction. This cleaning method allows us to release some of the more notorious dirt types, and categories such as black top.


This method is perfect for Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants & Nightclubs.


Check out our results


(pictures) definitely use the black top photo you have.


Restorative Cleaning


This method is achieved through a combination of cleaning chemistry, specialist carpet brushes, and agitation to break away dirt that’s heavily embedded into the carpet.


The restorative carpet cleaning method we use is designed for the carpets that may be considered ‘ready for the bin’. Sometimes heavy levels of dirt and matted carpets can sometimes be confused for damage or wear.


Once cleaned most of the time the client finds the carpet is absolutely fine underneath. If there is any damage however, don’t worry, we also offer a professional carpet repair service. (link to your carpet repair page)


This method is also perfect for Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants & Nightclubs.


The benefits of booking SS Carpet Cleaning for Office and Commercial Carpet Cleaning?


Office and commercial carpet types are better suited to a low moisture carpet clean as the majority of these carpets have solid backings meaning we can’t get enough airflow to efficiently extract. This is why you may have experienced the carpet drying back dirtier than before with other carpet cleaners.


At SS Carpet Cleaning we use a specialist system designed for these commercial and office carpet types. Our low moisture Carpet Cleaning system works through unique cleaning chemistry, this chemistry combined with agitation methods and heat result in capillary wicking.


Capillary wicking is the act of the dirt and pollutants wicking to the top of the carpet pile, because of this process minimum moisture is used resulting in the carpets drying within 30 minutes.


Our low moisture system


• Leaves carpets dry within 30 minutes
• Leaves no sticky, re-soiling residues
• Guaranteed not to shrink, stretch or split seems
• Environmentally friendly
• Very Low noise levels


How much does it Cost to have your Carpets Professionally Cleaned with SS Carpet Cleaning?


In order to accurately quote, the best way, is for us to introduce ourselves. Being able to physically see and feel the carpet, as well as run a few tests, allows us to make sure we choose the correct cleaning solutions, stabilising rinses and cleaning method to give the best possible result and dry time.


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What After-Support to you get when booking us to Professionally Clean Your Carpets?


At SS Carpet Cleaning we want to make sure you have somewhere to turn if you need some free advice or help with any carpet cleaning after care.


We have a fantastic after support service, we ensure that all of the free information and help given is factual and accurate and delivered to you by professionals within the industry.


If an accidental spillage were to happen or you’d like to learn further about your carpet types after care, someone will be there.




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