10 Reasons to Have Your Carpets Cleaned!!


1, Improves the appearance of any room

Why carpets get dirty?

Tired and dirty carpets can make the home look and feel dirty to improve the look of your tired and grubby carpets. Carpet get dirty over time and become unsightly due to wearing shoes in the home, pets and babies/children. We have multiple methods of cleaning to give you the best results

2, Remove odour

Why Carpets Become Smelly?

Over time, you will spill food and drinks this can be coursed accidentally from pets and humans as time goes on the bacteria grow causing odour. Using specialist chemicals, we can safely remove those bacteria to eliminate odour.

3, Prolong the Life of the Carpets by 4x

Why Carpets Can Wear So Quickly

As time goes on grit and dirt get trodden into the fibres the grit with sand particles at like razor blade and when you step on to them causes these blades to rub/cut into the fibres. Using our industry leading equipment, we can remove these from the carpet

4, Saving your investment

How Can Cleaning Carpet Save Me Money

Carpets and getting them fitted is not cheap let alone time-consuming having to move furniture to get new carpets fitted. For a fraction of the price of having new carpets you can have SS Carpet Cleaning clean them and get them as good as new. Let Us Save you Money

 5, Removal of Pathogens And Allergens

 What Are Pathogens and Allergens? And How Do They Get in My Carpet?

Pathogens are Microorganism that can course disease. Allergens are substances that’s inhaled or eaten that the body immune system recognise causing an allergic reaction.

Pathogens can be spread through the carpets over time with wet soil being brought in to the home. This can also happen if blood, bodily fluids is spilt on to the carpets can carry blood borne pathogens and can spread disease from person to person.

Here at SS Carpet Cleaning we only use specialist chemicals. This product is a multi-surface, biocidal disinfectant that has been independently tested and meets BS EN 10 40 Standards. This product is effective against Hep B C, HIV, MRSA, PEM & PEKM resistant. With our specialist training we can remove the pathogens and allergens safety to protector your family and home.

6, Remove Spots and Stains

How do spots and stain appear? And why a professional carpet cleaning company can help!

Spots and stains are usually caused by spills from foods and drinks. Most drinks will have colouring which will leaving visible marks, clear drink that containing sugars when dry leave a sticky area allowing dust and dirt to stick to that area.

SS Carpet Cleaning uses specialist spot and stain removers that will remove these without a problem.

7, Keep Your Warranty

How will having a professional carpet cleaner cleaning your carpets keep your warranty valid?

It’s rarely mentioned when you’re buying a new carpet, but the manufacturer warranty will say that carpets need to be clean 1-2 years. They will also want to see proof so keep hold of the receipts.

SS Carpet Cleaning will always provide you with a downloadable receipt.

8, Air Quality

How Can Carpet Cleaning Improve the Air Quality In My Home

A lot of dust and pollen that’s in the air gets filtered through the carpets leaving the dust and pollen in the carpet this can help your allergies or asthma. Vacuuming can help a lot to but a professional clean is highly recommended being able to rinse the carpet can help dramatically.

9, Making Carpets Easier to Maintain

How Can Getting My Carpets Cleaned Make It Easier for Me To Keep It Maintained?

Having your carpets regularly cleaning once a year will make it easier for you to maintain your carpets. Most of the soil in your carpets is dry soil so with a good vacuum you can remove most of these but other time grease and oils get into the carpets and these can’t be removed with just a vacuum alone.

10, Time Saving

 How can getting a professional Carpet Cleaner save your time?

Well look at it this way, you have to go out and pick up your hire machine this could take up to 30-60 minutes. Once your home you then have to read and understand the instructions this could take 10-20 minutes. When you have finished reading the instruction you now have to put it into action while trying to clean your first room you’re going easy not wanting to damage your carpet or the hire machine this take you first room about 60-90 minutes to clean. Then you have to say off the carpet for 2-4 hours to dry. So, in total you are looking just under 7 hours of your own time now imagine doing all yours carpets in your home.

If you were to hire SS Carpet Cleaning it will take a fraction of the time to clean and with how specialist equipment and chemicals, we can have the carpets dry in as little as 30 minutes